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Default audio settings


Does anyone know of a program that will remember a audio setting (default playback / recording device, levels, mute settings, etc) and will automatically set them each time it loads?

I'm also looking for a levels meter that can sit in the system tray or desktop. Can anyone help me out?

you can try this tool: QuickMix.

What is QuickMix?
Are you fed up with carefully setting the audio mixer on your Windows computer only to have the settings changed by another application or when you reboot?

Do you need to store and recall different sets of mixer settings quickly and easily? Then QuickMix is for you.

QuickMix is a simple applet that allows you to store all or part of the current state of your audio mixer in a settings file, and to restore the mixer to that state whenever you want.
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EDIT: was previously mentioned here by jovejupiter.

I just wanted to thank you for the link. It's a shame that the program doesn't seem to work with Win 7.


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