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A new approach to reduce NTFS fragmentation

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I'll give my thoughts on it when I am able to buy it.

Well, I bought it but the license won't apply to either one of the programs. I sent the developer an email though.

I performed a simple test, and will try to post here the screen capture later on.

1/ I have a well defragmented partition
2/ I use "Scramble" from Raxco to create a very fragmented partition
3/ I use LaceDefrag on this partition
4/ Most files got defragmented and regrouped, but not all.

So it does defrag !  It's not an optimal defrag like what would PuranDefrag do.  Regarding performances, I not really sure on how to measure is the Lace Index is really correlated to some aspects of the performance.

Have you guys used MyDefrag (formerly JKDefrag) ? I've used PuranDefrag but it took forever and my PC is pretty fast  :-[

Well, it turned out to be user error that wasn't letting me use the license. I just ran it and it took 15-20 minutes to do a defrag on my 250 GB SSD. It seems that it helped speed up the loading of programs, etc. I'll restart and edit it after its done in case the booting process is faster because of it.

EDIT: It has sped up the boot process by a couple of seconds.


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