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A new approach to reduce NTFS fragmentation

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Hi all,

I very recently stumbled upon this website,  I got their 3 tools, could make work 2 of them (LaceDefrag & LaceLevel 2).  They say they are at an early stage of their (entreprise-oriented) products.  Does anyone know these products already.  It seems that their purpose is to reduce fragmentation by using as little defragmentation as possible, quite the opposite of current commercial tools.

Any opinion on this ?

Their english seems dubious at best, never a good sign.

When Fragmentation level increases, and you notice it yourself by the change in response time, it is too late and Defrag is not effective any more.
--- End quote ---

Is this even true? I wouldn't have thought so. And I can't make sense of what they're trying to say on some of the other points.

There's a fair bit of background given, basically it seems they've approached disk-fragmentation from the point of view of statistics and try to warn you when you're LaceLevel :-\ is getting too high and "the situation is getting dangerously close to an uncontrolled entropy".

Mostly sounds like nonsense to me. I do like how they sought to unify the disparate fields of Physics and Maths though

"Chaos" is a term used by mathematicians, while "Entropy" is related to Physics. We hypothesized that there might be an adhesion between the two that could be measured and enable implementation of preventive maintenance procedures adaptable to the storage area.-
--- End quote ---

Need more info on what they are trying to accomplish really.

Like this statement-

Many users has to format their disks "every now and then" for a fresh copy of the disk. This is an evidence that something is wrong with the current storage management system.
--- End quote ---

Makes no sense at all regarding fragmented files.
Automatic defrag programs are abundant.
Storage Management is the key topic I guess.
Perhaps something that monitors the state of what they are saying here-

changes in Data Quality measured by the fragmentation level is correlated to the activity rate of the computer
--- End quote ---

They seem to be suggesting that if you wait too long to defrag you'll get to a stage where doing so won't work (for reasons they don't explain) so they're offering to sell you a monitoring program or something which will warn you before you get to that stage.

However such a 'too late to defrag' stage doesn't exist as best I know.

Hmm, I am not reading too many good things there.  Still, I think they concentrate on the no/less refragmentation question.  I have tried their software but my partitions are already well defragmented so I cannot check if this improves the situation or not.

To be more specific, they have a fragmentation mesurement tool (LaceLevel2) which gives some view on how is your disk performance, and a "basic" defragmenter, that only move a few files in my situation.  This latter software is just a beta.

I would just like to know what is does on a heavily fragmented disk.

Regarding their third tool, LaceWatcher, I cannot get it to work : when I add my local PC/disks, I have a permission error at windows level that blocks any further action.

I don't pay much attention to all the marketing stuff, pretty terrible in that case I agree.

Thanks for having looked into it !


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