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Waze - crowd sourced navigation

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Stoic Joker:
P.S. Stoic, text message to this system from a user on the road... "Traffic is really heavy at 4th ave and... scratch that, accident at 4th ave and Lincoln, I just rear-ended someone." :P

- Oshyan
-JavaJones (March 22, 2010, 02:17 PM)
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While I do realize that eventually all of this gadgetry nonsense will finally gel into something SiFi wonderful ... I can't help but wonder who wants to cart around all this crap & why the hell do they have to fire it up when they're in my lane? (eyes-on-the-road/petal-to-the-metal/get-er-done.)

...I'll go away now - carry-on.


[...] by leveraging an existing mapping service and laying their data on top, e.g. Google Maps API.-JavaJones (March 22, 2010, 02:17 PM)
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That could have been possible in some places, maybe specifically in the USA, but non everywhere. In the USA, Google have now his own cartography, so they can use it, share, etc. as they see fit in their strategies. Elsewhere, for example in Europe, Google use data licensed from Tele Atlas (and maybe Navteq), with some specific restrictions on the usage: turn by turn direction come to mind, for example, and that explain why Google Maps Navigation isn't available (officially) here.

Waze anyway does have some deal with other cartography providers; in some regions they used such data to draw a basic grid of unnamed roads.
But I think that their general idea is in facts to come up with new, user generated maps.
-Mark0 (March 22, 2010, 02:32 PM)
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I wasn't even so much referring to the map data as the user interface and speed. Google Maps (and Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps for that matter) performs much better than this thing on 2 test machines so far, and multiple different browsers. It's just slow and clunky. So even if they weren't able to use map data from the provider outside the US, the API and map display technology is still useful IMO.

- Oshyan

Do not get me wrong but this is  somewhat flawed logic. :)

"Real-time maps and traffic information based on the wisdom of the crowd"

When everyone knows everyone else`s move as soon as everyone else moves, I do not expect much wisdom based on the data gathered from the other`s wisdom. I would rather see a "rush" in the crowds wisdom to expand their gain. Although for now it might work for those on the network compare dto the those not on the network. However when everyone is on the network this idea would rather diminish the gains of everyone who was enjoying it for a while before everyone else has joined the party,

It would be nice to see a video of a past event to see how this crowd wisdom helps.

It sounds cool in theory, but it does seem pretty rough. I say that and I haven't even tried it yet. I just downloaded it to my Android phone and during the account creation process it didn't even use a password field for the form. In other words, my password was displayed in plain text on my phone.

Seriously? Password fields have only been around since the beginning of the internet (or before!), but they can't even get that right?

Also, it's showing things in the event list that are happening over 500 miles away. . .

old thread but this is a good measure of how far the startup has come since then.



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