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work around for middle button not working on X64 Win 7 Logitech mouse

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What you've described confirms that the global handler is working just fine. However, what is causing Circle Dock to lose the settings - the mouse button and modifiers - but only for you and The Sarge, is a complete mystery. If the problem was more widespread, then I'd be tempted to question the Windows memory manager role and that of dotNet's garbage collector.

You may wish to try the following - note "X Mouse Button Control" must not be loaded:

1. Start Circle Dock and configure the Mouse Toggle to be Ctrl+Middle Button (you could also use Alt and/or Shift).
2. Quit the settings dialog but leave Circle Dock running.
3. Start X Mouse Button Control and configure its middle button to send {Ctrl}{MMB}

Note: the above configuration should be set on the default Layer (Layer 0) and with "default" enabled. Do NOT select Circle Dock as it will not react to mouse messages sent to its Window Handle in quite the same way.

The middle button alone should toggle the visibility however the CD global handler should detect the "Ctrl" keystroke as well as the mouse click - and assumes that XMBC sends the following sequence of messages:

Key Down (Ctrl)
Mouse Down (Middle Button)
Mouse Up
Key Up

We know that XMBC, when configured to send keystrokes, will toggle visibilty consistently. However, that functionality is provided by the Net Runtime, I simply tell it which key(s) to monitor and it does the rest. It sends a message to the CD window when the correct hotkey sequence is keyed. Unfortunately there is no equivalent functionality for the mouse - or I would be using it!


got the same problem on my system (Win7 x64) with middle logitech mouse button.  :(
After a clean reinstall (moved from XP x86), one of the first thinks to reinstall from the apps in the system was Circle Dock.
I do not have yet installed setPoint from Logitech.


Greetings space007
I am glad that you have stopped by to document this issue.  :Thmbsup:

Can I also ask for a little more information?
Particularly; What Logitech mouse do you use?

I have been using Circle Dock, and Logitech Mice with the setpoint tools for well over a year now and I am most satisfied, but it has created for a sacrifice. In as much that I have permanently assigned a mouse button to Circle Dock.  For me this is a very small price to pay.
This may not be your situation.
If you use a multi-massive button mouse, setpoint tools is almost an absolute must, if not; I have found that once setpoint is installed, the mouse buttons are detected appropriately and Circle Dock will work with teh center button as would under normal conditions.

Let me know your findings as you go, and if you hit any issues, I will help as I can

The Sarge

Thanks for the reply.

I got the Logitech MX400

I just got the SetPoint setpoint615_x64 version 6.15.25 from logitech site, which is for all x64 (XP and W7), will see after install what happens.

Problem is I do have some other apps for key mapping (Executor) , this is especially annoying with game trainers messing up the mappings :)

c u

Problem is I do have some other apps for key mapping (Executor) , this is especially annoying with game trainers messing up the mappings :)

-space007 (October 14, 2010, 02:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

For this reason I set up a Hot key combination to a mouse button, using SetPoint to send the hotkey command to Circle Dock.
Although not an option for everyone, this has worked out greatly with my MX Revolution

Let me know how things work, or not, and I will try everything I can to help get you set up in an appropriate way  :Thmbsup:


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