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work around for middle button not working on X64 Win 7 Logitech mouse

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You know, Sarge, this has to be a hardware problem allied to some Logitech mice. There's a user here in Cebu who has an HP/Compaq (widescreen) laptop running Windows 7 64-bit and a USB (HP) external mouse. He has absolutely none of the problems you and Worick are encountering. My wife uses a Dell Studio (1737) laptop, under Windows 7 64-bit, and it has a 3+ year old Logitech wireless mouse and that also works flawlessly with Circle Dock.

That said, there is one last thing we can try. Up to now, the global handler has been raising events within Circle Dock whenever a mouse activity is detected - such as you moving the mouse, mouse button down, mouse button up etc. I've made a minor modification such that when the button used to toggle visibility is released, a message is sent to Circle Dock's main message handler (its WndProc) and this in turn toggles the visibility. Different mechanism, same result.

I've kept in all the mouse event handlers, however, but now these simply report the mouse's status. I've also retained "keep alive" although you should not need that now. (Incidentally, the "keep alive" function monitors two aspects. It is triggered after 30 seconds of mouse and keyboard inactivity; it is also triggered once every 50 keystrokes unless there is mouse activity during those keystrokes.)

If this version still misbehaves for you, then I'm at a loss as what to do next.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: there are two circumstances where Circle Dock needs to restart itself following configuration changes made in the main settings dialog. The first is fairly obvious - change of UI language. The second is where the default Z-Order is changed. If you modify either of those settings, Circle Dock will automatically restart itself when you close the settings dialog (it's no longer necessary to press the big button on the languages page - the button itself is being removed).


There is one final thing I can do - and I've just added this, so it's not in the beta attached to the previous message. That is as follows:

User presses Mouse Toggle Button Down
Global Mouse Hander triggers MouseDown Event. This sets a flag according to what the Dock Visibility should be when that button is released. It is the boolean opposite of "DockIsVisible".

User Releases Mouse Toggle Button
Global Mouse Handler sends a Windows Message to Circle Dock instructing it to toggle visibility. Circle Dock should act on this immediately and reverse the setting of "DockIsVisible".

(NEW) Global Mouse Handler then triggers MouseUp Event. In this handler, Circle Dock checks to see if the Dock visibility was changed - the flag set in MouseDown should now have the same boolean value as "DockIsVisible" but if it doesn't, then it toggles the visibility.

This is very much a "belt and braces" approach.


downloaded and testing. I'll report back as soon as I can. Note to add, my 64bit system is a desktop, not a laptop. I don't think I had stated one way or the other. It is a 2 or 3 years old.

I really do appreciate your work on this Markham. As sarge was saying though, I don't want to tie up all your dev time on CD on this problem that doesn't seem to effect a large number of people. Xmouse got me around the problem 100%. I would rather not use it, but...

I'm hot on it!!!  :Thmbsup:

still loose toggle function. It doesn't come back on its own. The "reconnect mouse and key..." menu item has worked a couple times, but has not fixed it most of the times I tried it.

toggle icon correctly shows mouse down and up. That is, as long as the label was turned on before the mouse toggle messes up. If I don't have the toggle button showing when the mouse stops working and turn the toggle on it shows "Mouse dormant" until I use the "reconnect mouse..." menu item or restart CD. That seems to indicate to me it is something inside CD that stops seeing the mouse, even though the hook is working correctly.

**** O! As I was typing this post I noticed one more thing. The label text on the toggle button does change when visibility toggle isn't working. When I press the middle mouse button it does NOT show "toggle Visibility". Normally when CD is working when I press the middle mouse button it shows:

Mouse Click:
Middle Down
Toggle Visibility
"program pointer is over"

When Visibility toggle is not working with middle button it shows:

Mouse Click:
Middle Down
"program pointer is over"

So, as you had thought CD is registering the middle down event, but it is not triggering the Toggle Visibility from that.


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