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work around for middle button not working on X64 Win 7 Logitech mouse

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After a couple of lengthy Skype conversations with The Sarge, I've decided to put back the auto-heal ability which only cuts-in if Circle Dock is idle - meaning no mouse movements or clicks. The Sarge told me that, on his HP laptop (Win 7-64), although the global mouse handler was working correctly, he'd lose the ability to toggle the Dock after about 15 seconds or so of inactivity.

In the final release, the automatic healing ability will be a configurable option, defaulting to "off", as not all users will need to have it enabled.

Apparently the program is working fine on his desktop PC, also Win 7-64, so I'm wondering if this problem may be allied to laptops with external (Logitech) mice?

The attached beta (usual caveats apply) contains some changes which may help.


Can I have some feedback please... I'd like to release this to the masses.

I still loose middle button toggle. I have not had a chance to test it much though. I Should get some time in tomorrow on it.

To add a bit more, the label on the toggle button shows the mouse middle down and up correctly, most of the time...

One time it did not. This may be an exception. I did not have the toggle button showing. Middle mouse stopped working and I used the setup screen to show the toggle button when CD is hidden, without trying to fix the middle mouse. The the toggle label showed "Mouse Dormant". I tried the "reconnect mouse and keyboard handlers" from the right click menu and the label started showing correct information. Visibility toggle via mouse was not restored however.

adding a modifier key does not fix the issue of no middle button toggle.

I have been dickering around for several hours now...All of the previously discussed issues remain. I am thinking we are stuck with the issues in Windows 7, since we can not identify what exactly the change in the code is.
The other alternatives are obvious, but not CD Centric, which is not what we want, but what we may have at the moment.

I do not make this offer lightly, but I could always attempt to contact the programmer of XmouseButtons (???), and see if there is something he is aware of that we are missing.

We could release with a disclaimer concerning certain Mouse types and third-party software or Massive-Multi-Button Mouse.
So far the only guaranteed thing I have done to get my mouse working is to assign hotkey functionality to a spare or rarely used button

I know your frustration...I have been right there with you almost every step, but intil we ban find out teh missing equation, I believe us to be at an impasse  :(


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