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About the design itself, and suggestions


Hello everyone,

I discovered CD a few weeks ago and after some time I finally made it work the way I wanted. However, there are some points that make CD less attractive.

The main thing is that browsing folders is reaaally long. I have several categories of shortcuts (mutimedia, games, internet, others...) and loading each one takes 2s, why isn't it immediate ? (Loading back the top level of CD takes 5s !)
Would storing the shotcuts and folders in a .ini file be slower ? Because it would at least make it easier to add/remove/export/import preferences.

Also, i'd prefer if icons were less easy to move. Every time I try to click, CD first considers I tried to move the icon. It take even more time to fully stop my mouse and then click.
The last thing is that icons are clickable only on opaque areas, which gets tricky when the icon is full of holes...

All these points make CD less efficient in use, because it takes too much time to lauch the desired item (don't get me wrong: the concept of this dock is awesome, and i think it should be implemented directly in the OS instead of the start menu or whatever)

I've had some fun imagining how could CD look if it had another behaviour when opening folders, and I even analysed the solutions. Let's face it, I took inspiration from the gnome Circular-Application-Menu (linux) which, I think, works better than circle dock for the points I mentionned above.
If one of the concepts could be in the next CD version I'd be very happy. But is there somebody workin for that currently ?

Concepts.jpg (2400.85 kB. 2400x2025 - viewed 540 times.)

Lastly, I highly recommend Autohotkey instead of XMousebutton, because Autohotkey is a fully scriptable solution to program everything you want with a mouse/keyboard.


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