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Use FARR as Run Command?

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This is doubtless a newbie question but: I want to type a command with arguments into FARR's search line, and have it executed as if I typed this command in the windows Run dialogue box.  How do I do it?
     I dont want to have to use ++ to add arguments to my command, wait for the command to show up in the results box, and then hit, for instance, ctrl-3. I just want to type the command, hit <ENTER> and have it run. Must I use the noresults alias for this, or how would I create a Run alias to do it?
     I also wonder, how to include the directories in the windows %PATH% variable in FARRS directories to search? Since %PATH% includes a list of different directories, must I enter each of these directories separately in FARRs directories to search? I would like FARR to behave just like the Run command - search all directories in the %PATH% variable for the command, and then execute the command. I do not want the command displayed first in the results list.

there is an alias called "run" that is there by default to do what you want. try just typing:

there should already be an entry in the search directory list called %PATH% i think, just check the checkbox if it isn't.
Farr knows how to handle semicolon separated directory lists from environmental variables in the search folders entry, so it will properly parse the list of directories there.

Now that's something I didn't know! Thanks... :Thmbsup:

But there might be a problem, at least on my machine. It is Windows XP SP3 if it is important.

My %PATH% is about 600 characters long. I added it to Search folders and nothing really happens. After a few experiments, it seems that it is working only when some directories are discarded so that %PATH% length is below 256 characters. Maybe that can be changed in next version?


let me look into it.


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