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Trying to remember an old game

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Good morning forum!

Im trying to remember this old, 2D, pretty much sidescrolling game.
I played it when I was very young ~ year 1995+ maybe.

When you started the game, first thing you saw was some kind of medusa or octopus but it looked scary and it was one of the games enemies - there was lots of other enemies in that picture too, if im right.
The player had some kind of jetpacks and maybe blue clothes.
@ first level / demo level or @ some level, there were computers and stuff if you went up, almost like a facility..
I think it was somewhat puzzle game to get out or something.
i think..there was a pistol, but jetpack there was for 80% sure.

Lots of buttons.. you had to go up in one level and there was computers.. buttons?

I think the game used level codes, not sure thou..

Please help me remember this!

Metroid, perhaps?  Came out long before 1995, though.  Which system did you play it on? 

Metroid, perhaps?  Came out long before 1995, though.  Which system did you play it on?  
-skwire (March 15, 2010, 04:55 AM)
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Not metroid, I played it on Windows 98 - It might have been DOS-version but not sure thou.
I played it when death rally, supaplex & raptor - Call of the shadows were out too.
I think there were only nintendo and super nintendo out that time also, but the game was not for them.

The game`s levels were build pretty much like super mario, there were these "tiles".
The player was a human, possibly some kind of astronaut or commando or something, not Keen thou.

Don`t get me wrong when I said sidescroller, I meant it to declare that the game was 2D like mario and not 2D like pacman.
The level I played, I sucked at it mostly cause I was too young but you had to go mostly up in that level,  I think there were spikes and stuff but I think the level was inside an office or facility or something like that but the office/facility wasn`t normal, cause of the spikes and stuff.

So frustrating.. what can I remember..

It was funny because there were lots of locked doors or closed doors or paths or walls and I never knew how to open them, I just went up, pushed buttons and used cokemachines and killed people and suddenly some of them were open with items inside them or a buttons.

H.E.R.O ? If your memory is a bit screwed it could be the one. Great game.

H.E.R.O ? If your memory is a bit screwed it could be the one. Great game.
-Bamse (March 15, 2010, 05:29 AM)
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Not that one either  :-[

I think the game had a bit better graphics than in the game you suggested.
It was also a bit more free to move than this one and you went mostly up, not down.

This reminds me thou, that I think there were no bombs in the game...
Oh, I also remembered that this wasn`t really "Arcade" game - I think there were checkpoints...not sure but I think there were to player-lives .. I can be wrong thou.
I think that whewn you play it, you wanted to check places up rather than get scores, assuming there were scores..

More comes... I think there were hostages or something, cause of the aliens or the medusa-thingys??

>>Remember, that the game shows a picture @ startup with some names of makers and there is a octopus / medusa -woman in the picture and some other creeps + the player, im 70% sure of that.<<


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