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designer for business cards needed, LIMITED TIME



I just found out there's an important event on Thursday, and I need new business cards for that. Since the online 'ready-made' design offers that I found won't ship in time, I have the choice between asking the local printer to print some boring one (basically only text, no real design) and looking for someone to design one for me (nothing *too* fancy needed, but my designer 'skills' are limited to putting clipart in Word documents).

I'm willing to pay, but I can't pay a lot (if I could I'd just call a local designer I worked with in the past). Any takers? The job needs to be completed within the next 24 to 48 hours (I'll only find out when exactly after I can reach printers tomorrow), we would handle the details by email and Skype.

Thanks in advance for any input.

My son is a computer artist and, although he has a full-time job, he is always looking for freelance work.
I have pointed him to this post (in an email message).

Today, Sunday, he and his fiancee will be visiting us for dinner.  I will also talk with him then.

Had you something specific in mind brotherS ?
I'm not a graphic designer but do have the ability to prepare the necessary

If you're not wanting to spend much, you could keep it simple (I dont have that much time anyways in the next 48 hrs!) - use an appropriate font and do a nice layout (I like portrait for business cards myself - eye catching too) & card can look very good.


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