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StreamTransport: Free Stream (youtube,hulu,etc) Downloading Tool

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PhilB66: has one IP number , which is the same as for, via cname , but the reverse is,,,, and at least 62 other hosts point to the same IP. is a domain controlled by two nameservers at They are on different IP networks. Incoming mail for is handled by one mailserver at is ranked #541863 world wide as and is hosted on a server in Netherlands. Trustworthiness, vendor reliability and privacy of this site is good. Child safety is excellent. (more on reputation).

It is not listed in any blacklists.

(Source, Highlighted by Phil  :D)

It was Any FLV Downloader ( but just recently changed name to StreamTransport. Anyway, I suspect it is part of the Moyea Spam Software Company ring.

This software is promoted by spam

Doesn't work here in 'Darkest Africa'!

Thanks for the additional information.  I'm now thinking I'll not bother with Stream Transport.  There are lots of programs that will do similar things without triggering Malwarebytes warnings.  And the spam connection PhilB mentioned concerns me as well.  It may be that Stream Transport is fine, but I don't need it enough to run any risks.

A new version of StreamTransport ( is now available. You can get it at its homepage (


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