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Best file archiver/compresser

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Still it is a rather rare case. ;)

7Zip on Windows is also a rare case - unless you know it. Are you sure majority know Zip? Majority will probably have used Zip but do they know what it is? what alternatives there are? I doubt it.

There is even a 7zip plugin for Nautilus/File Roller in Ubuntu so people can easily get 7zip compatibility if they want. Matter of public opinion and awareness.

7Zip on Windows is also a rare case - unless you know it. -Bamse (March 16, 2010, 09:55 AM)
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Most archivers for Windows support it, and there is almost no chance to have a Windows user without any WinRAR, 7zip or anything.

I don't have to look far for people who have no clue what a rar or 7z file but those people know nothing about technical details - which was my point or assumption. Well since Ubuntu Software Center have a "7 Zip" entry may be difference to Windows is not that big. Click, click - now supported. It also handles RAR, Zip64, cab and more.

Well an interesting read these posts. Pity it got a bit heated.
I was just wondering if I was right to keep using winrar and if there was an alternative that would compress to a smaller size. Of course speed is a consideration to a degree.
FreeArc sounds interesting but I would want multivolume support. I may try using 7zip more often (i have it installed) and compare the results with Winrar.  Yeah whatever archiver you use has to support the more common formats in case you want to send a file to somone, in that case I think it has to be .zip or .rar support. On your own machine you can use what you want.
thanks for all the views!


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