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What's the best: Wiki Host?


What's the most flexible wiki-specific hosting site, for people not wanting to host it themselves? (e.g.., PBWiki etc.)

Some characteristics to think about (I'm sure I've forgotten some):

- Is it ad supported or can you put your own ads?
- Wiki software used (MediaWiki or Proprietary)
- Cost if any
- Ease of editing (do non-technical people feel comfortable with it?)
- Spam prevention features
- Moderation features
- Types of content supported

PBwiki has survived over quite a span of changes.
As paid version i would say it is the best.

Free ? Well, there's always TiddlyWiki.
I like the fact you can save your data online / offline.

I've used both wetpaint and wikispaces.

Of the two, wetpaint has a better editor. Performance-wise, wikispaces page loads are faster than wetpaint (as far as I've observed)


You could also look at standard hosting- many of them include a package that installs more than one, and then you have a bit more control without having to pigeonhole yourself for the future.

I use liquidweb for my linux hosting, and they use Fantastico, which has options to install TikiWiki or PhpWiki automatically, along with several other options.

I use PmWiki personally, and a couple of sites that have that as a wiki hosting option:


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