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Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2


Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2

License: Freeware
Size: 25.51MB


System Requirements:
Screen resolution 1024*768 or higher, Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher

Short Description

Mobysaurus is a free, feature-rich English thesaurus and dictionary software that integrates Moby Thesaurus II,  Roget's Thesaurus, GCIDE Dictionary and  WordNet -- all royalty-free, powerful and most suitable for everyday reference. With this, you will feel it so much easier to choose the right word or words for every occasion or purpose.

What's new

1. Enhanced Composer

Built-in editing toolbar offers quicker and more convenient editing, and therefore more delightful writing experience.

(Why do we have to switch back and forth between an external reference tool and the word processsor all the time?  It’s such a bother, isn’t it?)

2. Standalone, upgradable, user-modifiable spelling checker

Powered by NetSpell

Supports the following languages:

American English, Canadian English, British / Ireland English, and Australian / New Zealand English

The spelling checker automatically determines which dictionary file to use according to system regional and language options.

3. Improved performance

Preview 2 features very low CPU usage when performing a search, and is capable of display unabridged results instantly (in "Root words" mode)

Special thanks to Mouser at for his brilliant ideas and substantial support.  smiley

Anderson (the author)

[email protected]

love it :)
see more comments here:

Where to get the software ?
please give me the link :)
I'm Sorry if my English is not good

Where to get the software ?
please give me the link :)
-youn83 (October 01, 2006, 12:37 AM)
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Hi youn83,

Mobysaurus V2.4 is no longer maintained and is replaced by Mobysaurus Thesaurus

which can be downloaded here:

Thanks!  :)


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