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Ars Technica on the problem with adblocking

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Not the worst site regarding ads but they made big mistake here since they join forces with stupid marketing based sites, like some newspapers! who won't even give access. Those who just don't understand or value users. Their point gets lost. White listing or not is a test of relationship between site and user, they should deal with it - expect losses.

I like Lifehacker which have mentioned adblocking methods many times. How-tos etc. Very relaxed. Some sites, forums don't even want this mentioned. All about the money, revenue so control of user behavior is high priority. The guy who make Adblock Plus is also open to more "fair" adblocking Dark forces are marketers and old timers ;) As Linus Torvalds say about Windows they should have been shot in the head 15 years ago :)

I can get on Ars Technica's site with adblock plus.
No problem so far.....

D'oh, I knew I forgot something. The experiment only lasted 12 hours, so since then, Ars Technica content is available to everyone as always.

As Linus Torvalds say about Windows they should have been shot in the head 15 years ago :)-Bamse (March 11, 2010, 04:50 AM)
--- End quote ---
I'd rather have Linus shot in the head 15 years ago - perhaps then we could have a Windows alternative that didn't suck :-\

I will gladly put a no filtering entry in any ad removal program I use for sites that I truly enjoy and have TASTEFUL ads. Betanews is an example of a site with tasteless ads. After removing their ads, the pages become so much more readable, less lengthy, and overall easier to work with.

DC is a site where, if ads were present, I would gladly put in a no filtering entry and let them display because A. I support the site, B. I know the ads would be non-intrusive and not slow down my work/browsing and C. I want to give back.

Some sites, I feel like I just being bombarded with ads trying to get me to spend money or earn the site money and I feel that is the only purpose. To that, I take offense. I feel like I am just another 10cents to them for the view and not a user of their website.


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