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Hello folks,
              u see i h some huge data (ie., setup.exe etc) on my harddisk,time to burn it on a DVD. i want to make a nice looking Autorun menu page.
 Currently i m using Autrun typhoon, i wanted to make a menu page, where upon clicking ay particular button another small page would show with a picture and small details about the application.

Something like this.This autoplay was in one of the DVD's that came with a PC Magazine.

Can anyone suggest any Autorun program, any Retail or one that can create a Professional looking Autorun.
i dont intend to buy these product as i'll use it only for hobby.

Many Regards.:)

This looks like it may be worth checking out.  It's freebie/donationware:

This looks like it may be worth checking out.  It's freebie/donationware:
-MilesAhead (March 06, 2010, 05:34 PM)
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Hello thnks for redirecting, the MultiInstall and Compact Autorunnner v1.0 looks really simple and i just browsed thru the installed folder and their weren't any proper help file. Non of the above mentioned did not fulfill the thing i wanted i.e., even with Autorun Typhoon i was only able to make a Dialog which would just show some information but couldn't display any pictures.

Is their some other Programs i can achieve this.


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