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Will you miss newspapers when they're gone?

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Not me. Even other icons such as high school yearbooks are disappearing in favor of permanent Facebook pages.

The only part I will really miss is the coupon section in the Sunday paper.

And Facebook is not a substitute for a high school yearbook.

Yearbooks are frozen in time and that is their appeal. A Facebook account changes as you change the display pic, update info, post status updates. There is nothing permanent about it, at all.

And I have never seen a high school yearbook that advertised and allowed your friends to pester you with Mafia Wars, day after day.

I gave up on newspapers back in 97.

The first job I had after getting out of the service was in the research dept. of a "for sale by owner" multiple listing service.

Each week we'd go through the classified sections of 150 newspapers, looking for certain high value items (homes, cars, horses, etc.), which the sales staff would call to get them to use the service.

At the end of each day I'd have newsprint from elbow to fingertips and I couldn't tell you how many shirts ruined. After that I'll rarely even glance at a newspaper let alone actually pick one up.

I will.

I'll miss being able to cite something "as reported" and not worry about changes being made after the fact.

The NYT itself (the so-called "Paper of Record") has been found to have made changes to articles in its online edition without notice being given to the reader.

(For those who don't see the problem in that, go read George Orwell's classic 1984. "Those who control the past, control the future.")

(Unless, of course, the only copy you ever "owned" was on your Kindle!  :P )

I'll miss it too, and I'm not sure it'll disappear for quite a while, tbh. I usually wake up early, even in the weekends, and the mornings just wouldn't be the same without a cup of freshly made coffee and real paper newspaper. I obviously love everything about computers, but I can't really see the screen ever replacing newspapers and at least not books! Paper rules! :-*


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