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Boxer editor 14 released - paid upgrade, $29.00 - text wrap at last

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is the bookmark system the same as before?
-rjbull (March 06, 2010, 02:50 PM)
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Yes, as far as I can see  :o

@cranioscopical:  Thanks for the check.  I still think only ten bookmarks is very limited for an editor like Boxer, even if common sense tells me that one is most probably in trouble if using that many.

I still think only ten bookmarks is very limited for an editor like Boxer
-rjbull (March 07, 2010, 03:06 PM)
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I can't disagree with you.
It's always a little disappointing when an update fails to address something for which you've been hoping.

Boxer has always been a paradox. While supporting very advanced features that no other editor has there's always been a few basic features that every other editor has that Boxer lacks.

I think the first version of Boxer I ever used was v6 or v7.

I actually asked for text wrap in the Boxer Yahoo! Group.  It looks like I didn't ask about bookmarks.  I feel slightly "guilty" at not upgrading when the author has added a feature I wanted, but time has moved on, my requirements have changed, I have other editors now, and my income has disappeared.  If he had added more bookmarks, I'd have been more tempted, perhaps.  But as things are, I'm in a save money mode.  Well... more accurately, I've already spent enough on software this week...  :-[


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