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Boxer editor 14 released - paid upgrade, $29.00 - text wrap at last

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I'd just add that rjbull's original comment about the cost of the upgrade to Boxer Editor 14 seemed to me to be more along the line that for him "$29 is a lot of money to pay to get a single feature", and not that it's an outrageous sum for an upgrade. He's no longer using it and I presume has found an alternative with which he is happy.
-Darwin (March 04, 2010, 04:06 PM)
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Happy with a piece of software?  With just ONE piece of software?  Is this the real Darwin speaking?   As in, "My name is Mike and I am a software addict?"  ;D

You're more or less right, though.  Boxer was the first editor I registered - Bits du Jour has a lot to answer for - and if it had had that one feature, I might not have looked elsewhere.  Of course, it's more fun to be...  heterodox, but now I no longer have an income, I have to be a bit more careful about purchases.  At least I ought to be, but software still seems to be my most prolific discretionary purchase  :o

Obviously I'd have preferred the upgrade to be free, especially (if memory serves) because the Boxer license only allows you one installation, i.e. either hard disk or portable, not both.  However, I agree that $29 isn't especially steep for a sound product that is rarely upgraded, so you don't need (if "need" you do) to pay to upgrade very often.

Bits du Jour has a lot to answer for-rjbull (March 04, 2010, 04:59 PM)
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@Darwin:  I thought afterwards that my teasing was excessive, so thanks for taking it in good part.  After all, it was like the pot calling the kettle black!   :-[

If anyone upgrades to Boxer 14, please will they report their views on it?
I recall another couple of things about Boxer 13.  I didn't much like its bookmarking system.  It's one of the ones which give you ten numbered bookmarks.  Boxer can edit multiple files, those bookmarks could be spread out between them, and a clever little menu showed you where they all were, but I thought just ten was stingy for an editor of Boxer's calibre.  Worse, I didn't like having to remember what the numbers meant.  NoteTab Pro, the editor I'm using most at the moment, is another with just ten numbered bookmarks.  I prefer the system used by numerous other editors, e.g. Notepad++ and Crimson Editor, where you can (apparently) have as many as you like, toggled on and off by a hotkey, usually Ctrl-F2.  Another hotkey, usually F2, jumps between bookmarks in a circular queue.  HippoEdit, if I remember correctly, uses both systems at once.

The other thing about Boxer 13 it uses its own File Open dialogue.  It's much better than Windows standard one, but probably isn't going to be compatible with things like FileBox eXtender.  I think it was developed before they were.  It's an interesting feature, but it's a pity if it isn't compatible.

If anyone upgrades to Boxer 14, please will they report their views on it?
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I upgraded but I don't think I was using most of its features and so didn't notice a heck of a difference. It's not my main editor.
I'd be happy to try to answer any specific questions that you have about 14.

cranioscopical, thanks for the offer: please, is the bookmark system the same as before?


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