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Boxer editor 14 released - paid upgrade, $29.00 - text wrap at last

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I think a number of years ago I did ask for bookmarks, back before Boxer offered them at all.  Boxer was my primary text editor, but I eventually switched to UltraEdit because it offered bookmarks (as far as I know, they're unlimited) and better unicode support than Boxer did.  I think Boxer eventually added unicode support, but by then I was happily using UltraEdit.

It used to be that Boxer was substantially more expensive than UltraEdit.  Over time, though, UltraEdit has become more expensive and perhaps Boxer has dropped its price a bit.  At any rate, i think the two are now similarly priced both for first purchase and for updates.

As far as I can see, Boxer and UE are both good editors, and both way more than I need.  I'm just sorry that Boxer's lack ot text wrap made me abandon it.  If that feature had been present I might not have looked elsewhere at all, unless or until the limitation on bookmarks became too important.

I'd have to add, though, that for typing personal letters, essays or the like, I still much prefer my WordStar-style DOS text editor, VDE.  WordStar-style operation is still the best way to move chunks of text around, when your text is writing rather than computer-related.


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