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Software with odd or insane license plans.

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hmm... I feel I shouldn't have posted in this thread; it somehow only made things worse. Because it seems some only read the first couple of posts, before posting, never noticing the important parts! Like, that the reason I posted was that I wanted to tell that the license problems from "old times" have been solved, and TwistedBrush Pro is a mighty good program that I want to buy discounted. If you would care to help.

Pixarra has "long ago" fixed the issue. They are now offering quite normal license and support terms. Edited:

IF you would like to purchase a key for the PRO version but like me thinks $119 may be too much money, you can go to and/or and click "I want this". Bits du Jour / daily-deals will then try to get a discount. In fact I will ask you to do so anyway - wanting to buy it or not - it may save me a bunch of money...  ;)

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-Curt (March 12, 2010, 07:30 AM)
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Edited: Thanks to the one who already has done it :-)


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