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Mobysaurus V2.4 Preview 2

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i hate mdi but i like tabbed interfaces, a tab for each function would be lovely, imho.

1) When I try to edit the html for any of the template, nothing happens -- does this require a specific editor be installed?
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Technically, it's bug (though 99% of all users would never notice). Thanks for letting me know. :) I'll correct this in the next release.-Mobysaurus (February 11, 2006, 10:57 AM)
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Yeah, I am drawn to tweaking options when I see them.  Obviously this isn't a bug that has any real impact on the value of the program ;)

Well, both Moby and Handy support (customizable) system-wide hotkeys. For Mobysaurus, the hotkey is Ctrl + F3 by default, and for Handy, Ctrl + F11.
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Ah, you got me.  I wasn't paying attention ;)  Great stuff.

You're right, the app's still not user-friendly enough. Better work on this. :)
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Unlike mouser, I rather like the menu based interface, I hide toolbars in most of my applications -- but I just hadn't found everything yet, obviously ;)

Really a good idea. Although a lot harder for me to implement. :)
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Yup, just throwing it out there in case.

Mouser:  MDI and tabbed interfaces differ only that in a tabbed interface, all windows are forced maximized, basically.  Opera offers both options--the difference basically being whether or not the "tab" bar is shown.  In an MDI, you could have all maximized with a tab/button bar --just like a tab interface, while allowing people like me to view multiple sections at once in MDI.  This is, of course, a moot point since it's such a big feature request and I imagiine there are more pressing and easier to implement feeatures ;)

Thanks for the quick response, Moby.  I'll bother you more later I'm sure ;)

Just bumpin the thread to keep Mobysaurus on his toes and anticipating the next release.I really
like this app and hope you continue it's developement. :Thmbsup:

thanks for reminding me that moby deserves some donationcredits!


I threw him a nickel myself. :)


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