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Using FileHamster to keep track of status of a job

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not much new here but still maybe worth a look - there a video intro to the Report Window (& one for each of the plugins) here:

thanks. i've watched the videos in the past but it's only now that i appreciate some of the things they say - so it was worth watching them again.

there are a lot of things to consider when thinking about how scripts could be used - and tags - and reports.

i think it will be a while before i conclude i've set up the perfect revisioning system. lots of problems to discover first.

I'm having to make a change to *all* the drawing files I'm working on. Some printers were having problems printing a fill made of dots. So I replaced it with a solid fill.

I was 'tagging' the new revisions (after having made the change). For simplicity's sake, we'll say I tagged these new versions with 'SOLID FILL'.
Then I clicked it was easier just to tag all the older ones with 'DOT FILL', so I added that as a prefix to the comments on over 1100 backups.
This done en masse: I sorted by date, selected all relevant (pre a certain date), Edit Comment, added my prefix

it took a little while to process but worked a treat.

Now I can just continue tagging the new backups with the tags I've been using all along.
They've finally added a keyboard shortcut to 'Edit Comment'  which makes editing that bit easier too.


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