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Using FileHamster to keep track of status of a job

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I'm in the middle of trying to use FileHamster to keep track of a job - i.e. keep track of the status of the files I'm working on, also to help with overview of job.
Unfortunately I didnt start this at the beginning of this project, but it's going well all the same. I'm pestering them for bugfixes and minor improvements in the GUI, etc. in particular in the Report Window Plugin (also going well!).
I don't have much experience in this field, so any comments suggestions welcome.

I'm posting this here:
1) cause using FH this way simply hadn't really occurred to me before I started this (a couple months ago)
2) curious if anyone using FH this way already (till this I simply used FH for backup - backup with info about the particular revision)
3) curious what others think / or what you use for (something like) this

I'm using the full version of FileHamster - you would at a minimum need the Report Window plugin.

The 'Project'

There's hundred of files in this project, they all have to be

* 'converted' to a new 'style' ('WEB' in the comments used below)
* corrected/adjusted (usually)
* approved
* Finalised & PDF created

It's not rocket science :)

I make a FH revision with a comment at important stages of the work
When it gets toward the final stages I have a couple of 'default' comments (could be called tags really) e.g.


Keeping an overview depends on there being well-defined 'tags' for the different phases of the job.

In the Report window here, I'm showing all files - no date filter, and the filename column is not showing (scrolled to the left).

Using FileHamster to keep track of status of a job

lines coloured green = most recent revision of this file. This is very helpful (unfortunately you cant currently sort by it - but you can filter to show only most recent revisions i.e. those in green)

I can sort by:
~ Date - see most recent revisions
~ Comment - see all files at a particular stage e.g with 'DRAFT' I can see it's awaiting feedback, etc.
~ and naturally by Filepath+name (if you're looking at revisions of files within Folder 'X', the path below that folder is shown)

I can batch edit comments - add text before or after current comment, or simply edit the comment
e.g. when my 'WEB_FINAL' files are approved I can simply add 'Approved' - or when I create the final PDF version, I can add a comment to that effect

I havent really gotten to the final stage of the project yet - production of final PDF's - I think that's when all this will get really tested! Overall though I'm happy with the current setup. I have a few wishes listed below ('cons' merged with 'wishes'). I can easily check all this info - also, if I had to do something else & come back to this job in a month it would make that transition much easier.
I think the most helpful improvement to the programme would be the ability to open the 'actual' file (i.e. not the revision) from the Report window context menu - that way I could check where I left off & continue from there or work down the list or whatever - but all directly from within FileHamster (without having to go to my file manager & finding the relevant file there)

~ I make the comment as I save the file so there's no post-op work to be done (or forgotten) e.g. adding this info to some other programme
~ good for getting an overview of project status (statusbar says how many files selected), but also naturally to see status of an individual file
~ I imagine it would be very helpful if you're getting back to a job after a break

Would be Helpful:
~ Very helpful: - the ability to open the 'actual' file (i.e. not the revision) from the Report window context menu
~ Very helpful: - the ability to sort by item colour (green = most recent revision of this file) this is covered really by the ability to filter to show only the most recent revisions i.e. those in green
~ Helpful: - Customisable shortcuts
~ ? - I'm toying with tagging ideas but they only vague yet
~ ? - Time Tracking

2010-03-04 09:10 GMT  Edits in Maroon


procrastinating again  :-[ :D

A possible alternative to FileHamster-

$40 though...

A possible alternative to FileHamster-
-cmpm (March 03, 2010, 08:03 AM)
--- End quote ---

thanks cmpm,
I'm interested in what other might be using and how, but I'm fairly happy with, and commited to, FileHamster (i.e. not looking for alternatives as such)

i like the "comments" as "tags" idea. i need to play around with the reports for a while before appreciating what i can do with them - i'm used to seeing a more limited layout.

i had a quick look at History Explorer (by exendo). it looks quite nice - it has a very attractive timeline view. i considered using it, but it doesn't look like you can have individual "watches" like you can with FileHamster, i.e. projects that have their own set of filters and rules.

on a side note: one thing that has annoyed me from the beginning of FileHamster's creation is the ugly popups. they looked horrible years ago and they don't look any different now. i refuse to use them because they look so disgusting - seeing them makes me think i'm using an unfinished, unprofessional program, so i pretend they don't exist.


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