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Version 1.55 - a Significant Release: Please Read Carefully

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I'm not really interested in revisiting the history, and the legal complexities and implications of the different open source licences are massive anyway.

I was just wanting to point out that the programs available on cnet, Softpedia etc are likely to be there legitimately because they fall under the open source licence.
-Dormouse (December 24, 2014, 06:05 AM)
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Which you did. And we thank you for that. :)

Still .. interesting what 40hz discovered/found out. Complicated stuff too. In the meantime and 1/2 year later... What's the best version in the meantime on CNET, Softpedia etc .. Seems there's a big confusion now about this program. The different developers should, I guess, at least give the program a different name, since, from what I understand there are big differences aside from the circle GUI. 


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