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[...] font [...] is half as large as it should be. I guess the reason is that I set a large interface fonts in my Windows 7 (150%).
-Tobor (August 23, 2018, 06:25 AM)
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you're right about your "guess", it's a known problem. See: #65 and #72 (Pull request)
It's not that easy to fix... though I might consider adding an "high-DPI" check to simply remove that mono-spaced font for the time being. It'll probably take forever for the UI rewrite

Hi! Is there a possibility to schedule a reminder to some point in the calendar? If not, is it possible to add a (optional) date field to alarm definition? I used Chameleon Clock before, mostly for quick reminders creation, but after upgrading to Windows 10, it can't build into the tray, so I consider switching to t-clock, but without possibility to set a date for an alarm, it looks more like a skin than a tool : ( Or, maybe i'm missing some option? Thanks in advance!

[...] Or, maybe i'm missing some option? Thanks in advance!
-dfrunet (October 03, 2018, 05:54 AM)
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I'm afraid you're not missing anything. A proper scheduler is indeed missing (well the backend supports it now, but I haven't done the frontend yet)
I can't really give you an eta. either... it's part of the UI improvements I'd like to add and that stuff isn't that easy to implement. (well, I'm actually more stuck at design decisions)

So T-Clock is currently not what you're looking for.

Unfortunately it seems, this is the only clock, compatible with Windows 10... Except some buggy 1st-Clock, hardly customizable, having problems with unicode and asking for money : )
I was unable to find an existing backend, but guess the following should work when added to AlarmNextTimestamp()

--- --- if (api.GetInt(g_alarmkey, L"Once", 0) && api.GetInt(g_alarmkey, L"Day", 0) && api.GetInt(g_alarmkey, L"Month", 0)) {
int month = api.GetInt(g_alarmkey, L"Month", 0) - 1;
if (tm.tm_mon > month) ++tm.tm_year;
tm.tm_mday = api.GetInt(g_alarmkey, L"Day", 0);
tm.tm_mon = month;
}Actually I tried it with regedit and it seems to work.
Then only two more texboxes on alarm settings page are needed to make it work somehow... I can try to add them myself... But I've never deal with UI in c++. But that might be an interesting challenge : )

Now it works (as a first iteration). Lots of improvements possible, but it fits my basic needs. Hopefully that's helpful for somebody else. Created a PR


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