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they're part of "Watch List" (oh dear, I've referred it as "Timer Watch" xD) ^^ that one got a new context menu

1. so when UAC is disabled, you can just click the "sync now" button on SNTP options and it'll synchronize without further interaction?
2. Does that button display the UAC shield icon?

3. Yet if you use the hotkey, it'll still open the options dialog even though it shouldn't?
-WhiteTigX (August 27, 2016, 06:24 AM)
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1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Yes. And the Synchronize Time Quickys menu is not displaying anything.

Thank You White TigX for the reply.

The Windows clock shows the local time and also the time in other time zones, when we hover (mouse over) on the clock on taskbar.
Is it possible to imitate the same functionality in T-Clock?

Thanks in Advance.

Accepted solution: disabled T-Clock's custom tooltip (Options -> Mouse -> uncheck 'Mouse-over tooltip text')

My Synchronize issues appear to be fixed in v2.4.2 Build 459.

Thanks.  :)

Hello everyone!

WhiteTigX, is it possible to add T-Clock the following feature?

There could be a right click option on calendar days "Copy Date". Many times people need some former/future date; which is easyer to find on T-Clock Calendar. In this way, we shouldn't remember the date and type in, in excel/webpage/etc. Just right Click, copy, and Paste.

Best regards!


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