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I've set a Sync Time hot key, but it opens up the Configure SNTP Client window instead of syncing the time.
I have a working time server set, but I don't want to see the configuration window every time I sync the time with a hot key.

And I just noticed that Quickys > Synchronize Time is not working.

New version v2.4.2 :

And I just noticed that Quickys > Synchronize Time is not working.-Dypsis (August 14, 2016, 04:43 PM)
--- End quote ---
Can you elaborate that with a bit more detail? Does the UAC dialog show up?

Regarding the time sync hotkey....
It does actually synchronize the time instantly.. but only if T-Clock has the required rights to do so... When I've implemented it, I somehow thought it's better to show the time sync config window instead of UAC prompting for admin rights... Though I'm not so sure anymore that it was the right decision xD

It's probably better to change it.. or are there any objections?

I have the Message Box enabled for Sync Time. That's all I want to see.
But, it doesn't display via the Quickys menu, so I don't know if it is working.

By the way, I have UAC disabled.

And most importantly: KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.  :Thmbsup:

so when UAC is disabled, you can just click the "sync now" button on SNTP options and it'll synchronize without further interaction?
Does that button display the UAC shield icon?

Yet if you use the hotkey, it'll still open the options dialog even though it shouldn't?

Change log for the Version 2.4.2 says that a new context menu with options (restart, stop, hide, edit) is available.
I don't see these options, when I right click on t-clock.

Where do I find these options?

Thanks in Advance.


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