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Nice software.  Just what I was looking for.   :Thmbsup:

I just noticed that WhiteTigX has incorporated my previous request regarding the calendar and now I can set the current month to be in the middle position in a three months calendar, for which I thank him. However, if I change the month using those little left/right triangles on the calendar window, and then I click on "Today:" text at the bottom left corner, it wouldn't put the current month in the middle.

Also, when using those little triangles to go to a different month, I see that the first date of a month is always automatically selected. I think that is a bit confusing and I suggest no date be pre-selected while navigating through months.

Edit: I mean when opening the calendar, Today's date be pre-selected, and then when navigating between months, the last selected date be preserved :)

that's just the controls default behavior... not much to do about it..
It's also not easy and kinda hacky to handle a click on the "today" link/button...

I have noticed that through Tclock, custom calendar will not open if TClock has been running for a few hours. Custom calendar will run if TClock has just been started.

I hope you're tried to open it without the options dialog opened... but ye.. there are a lot of bugs xD Some XP related... and generally a focus problem...
What ever is the cause, the Calendar should always work when "close on lose focus" isn't checked.


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