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I used the fantastic T-Clock for years on my PC under XP professional 32bit. We now changed to Win7 enterprise 64bit. I downloaded TC2010 b.95, as well as some other modified versions mentioned here. But I could not get any of those to start, neither as std. user or localadmin. Clicking the .exe, nothing happens. No error message, nothing.-HR (May 28, 2014, 06:40 AM)
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hi Hans,
I'm not the expert, but have you tried this one:
( Thu Sep 05 19:39:24 2013)

I have it running on Win7 x64 pro since release. FWIW I dont remember having any problems setting it up...

Thanks, tomos!

I just tried your suggestion. This one also does nothing. Some of the others seem to install somehow, because afterwards there is an indication when I move the mouse pointer over the time display area, lower right corner. This can be removed by running "clock /exit" from the command line.
All of them can be started as "clock /prop"; then the TClock properties appear and I can configure them. But TClock is not responsive after that, left or right clicks don't let appear anything. Also, choosing "start with Windows" has no effect.  And the worst: the original calendar of Windows7 vanished :-(

Any one out there with an idea?

p.s. I run Win7 in german version

wanna try TeamViewer :P? I guess the solution is a simple one, but it might take lots of trial and error^^
we might also talk by using TeamSpeak, Steam or TeamViewer itself^^

Your German OS shouldn't matter btw.

well... otherwise make sure you use the files inside the x64 folder.

Stoic Joker:
If you have been trying multiple versions to get something working there could be a configuration conflict in the registry (things have gotten moved from time to time). Try deleting the T-Clock info from the registry to get it to start clean and see if that makes a difference.

Also assuming you do have show the default windows clock enabled (it is a requirement), does the clock window totally disappear, or change size when you run T-Clock?


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