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I found TZN option in "T-Clock Help.rtf" file. I am using LonelyPixel's version.

Stoic Joker:
Ah! That explains it then...I'm an idiot.

I had to poke through the source for LonleyPixel's build for a bit...

The TZN was/is a beta feature I was playing with that was part of the build 98 source code that I released when I announced that I was going to have to shutdown the project. It should track the system's time zone setting ... But I've unfortunately not a clue why it might be failing.

Please, please, please resurrect the project :)
It is a nice piece of software and a lot of people are using it ...

I'd like the option to bring up the default Windows calendar/analog clock thing when I click it. If I understood correctly, didn't someone just figure out a way to do that?

here you go.. (hope the 64bit build does work...)
I've also removed the T-Clock tooltip stuff... so this will only show the original tooltip and calendar.

So there's still stuff to do... add options to choose which calendar to use (or maybe not :P) or to use T-Clock's custom tooltip instead of windows default one... etc.
Also... I couldn't find a way to get the same behavior as the default clock... so clicking T-Clock once will open the calendar, clicking it again while the calendar was open will just reopen it and not just close it as the default clock does...

Anyway.. the build should be stable and hopefully enough for you ;) (it's enough for me :P)

P.S. sry about the delay... I just saw your post today^^
P.P.S. I didn't upload the source right now as it's not clear how it should be implemented and my current source is quite ugly :P Otherwise I would have created a Git folk to make it easy to implement it on the master (and I would have run astyle on the source, besides other cleanup stuff)

removed attachments (32bit downloaded 5 times, 64bit 7 times)
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