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May be the system has a vaiable that shows the offset considering the daylight saving. Then, instead of a fixed number, say 05, we could use that vaiable to figure out GMT time.

I actually wanted to use this as the Mouse-Over Tooltip Text.

I just noticed that using TZN option in Time Format always shows PDT even if the computer is set to EDT and after a restart of the program.

Stoic Joker:
TZN ... Time Zone? The locale dropdown at the top of the Time Format tab is for altering the character set the clock display uses. Which it doesn't do well in my builds for some reason ... Never did figure that one out.

Well yes, I meant Time Zone Name. I was trying to use TZN as part of Advanced Clock Configuration Options to show something like this: h:nn:ss tt TZN ---> 2:14:36 PM EDT

Stoic Joker:
Um... I don't recall TZN being a format specifier option ...(not that I wasn't adding all sorts of stuff at one point)... Which T-Clock are you using?? I've got build 95 here at work and TZN does nothing.


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