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Not sure, but maybe installing the previous SDK and setting VS 2010 to compile using that might do the trick.

Stoic Joker:
Not sure, but maybe installing the previous SDK and setting VS 2010 to compile using that might do the trick.
-Jibz (December 20, 2010, 01:30 AM)
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I'm still trying to give VS2k8 a fair shake as it still has one of the features (split clipboard) I've come to depend on. I can have one thing on the clipboard and still do a drag copy/move with another thing without dropping the clipboard contents...This incredibly handy feature (because I tend to loose track of where I'm at while working on-the-fly at times) was oddly missing in VS2010.

One the minus side, VS2008 can't seem to handle an external file edit for shit. Every time I change something (usually resource.h) and then let VS2k8 catchup it crashes. Which tends to have a rather adverse effect on the undo/redo history.

Now if VS2005 would work with the 2010 SDK so the manifest files would behave...that might be a solution worth looking into. I'd just have to find some info on how to do it properly so I don't turn my dev box (or VS for that matter) into a smoking crater... :)

Stoic Joker:
    As is also noted in the version history. It occured to me that 12/23/2010 is the end of 2010 ... So I either need to release this thing or change the name. So... the now currently posted build 90 is not (supposed-to-be...) a beta. So while 90 is to be the final build of 2010 ... the Suggestion Box is still open. ;)

   The most important part of build 90 is the the Fuzzy Font bugg has been killed by adding a Font Quality option to the Clock Text Tab. This allows newer OS's to use the newer ClearType font rendering options, and eliminates the need for me to try and pick a (hard-coded) best rendering option for all OS's across-the-board ... Mainly because there isn't one. So, pictures being better than words...:

   The most fun addition (at least for me) was the request for a more visual alarm event in the form of a bouncing window. This conjured up an image of a Jack Russel Terrier (small highly energetic dog) boncing wildly in an almost cartoonish fashion...Which is an image I could not get out of my head.

    So, I added it.

   There is a good bit of granularity in the bouncing behavior but the chosen defaults seem to me to work the best. The ricocheting (Dialoggie) window does pull focus so simply hitting enter will stop it ... But then you can't read it. This is why the default behavior has the window bouncing for 3 seconds, and then stopping (center screen) for 3 seconds to give the user time to read and respond to it. Both Bounce and Pause (Paws...) periods are adjustable as are the speed, movement (delta), direction (skew),  and nature (Randomize Bounce Height) of the Alarm window's antics.

Stoic Joker:
In keeping with the "I'm running out of time" theme, I slapped together a quickie (rush job) website for the (semi) final release of T-Clock 2010 with screen shots and general info.

Thank you so much for the font-option. Works great!

Btw.: no need to restrict the Alarm labelling  on sound files, this also works great with all other applications:


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