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Stoic Joker:
Okay new plan of attack.
  Step 1. RTFM...
  Step 2. Repeat Step 1.

 ...And then I noticed I had the friggin equation backwards.

I'm currently installing Win7 on a Virtual PC so I have a test machine I can safely reboot every 5 minutes, without worry of losing the project history/ or having to restart the other virtual test machines.

Stoic Joker:
Okay, so the MSDN has an article on how to properly support High DPI environments. In said article it had some sample code, which I ripped through, to pull the following out a section of code that was commented as being the right way to handle window positioning at High DPI settings.

When run, it made the problem worse on all of the (XP/Vista/7) test machines, depending on DPI setting, it would either show up in the center, or to the left of the screen.

In a fit of curiosity...(after a short inspirational swearing break)... I concocted the following test:
Currently released un-fixed beta 7.5 build of T-Clock
OS = Windows 7 Pro VPC
Resolution = 1600 x 864
DPI = 144

The Properties Dialog showed up right where it was supposed to ... Which is not exactly the result "we" were expection.

So, here is the "score":
 Sagji cannot get it to work properly (show up in the right place).
 I cannot get it to fail (show up in the wrong place).

  Conclusion: We Really need a third option/party/kind soul/curious bystander to run this thing at 144DPI on Windows 7 to see what it does - because at this point I'm honestly not sure if I'm trying to fix it, or break it.

If this the article you are referring to?

From what It says, and what you are seeing it sounds like DPI Virtualisation is on for me and off for you - check if XP scaling is on in the custom DPI setting dialog.

Stoic Joker:
I'll have to explore that this evening. I know I didn't change it there so it'll be set to whatever the default is.

I did try toggling Use XP DPI scaling in the program's shortcut, but it had no effect. Now as to which one can effectivly override the other goes ... I've not a clue.

And yes, that is one of the articles I went through. There is another in the same area that has the code samples I based the (disfunctional) modifications on.

I have Win 7 x64 installed, I downloaded the version at the top of the thread, the x64 version , changed Windows to use hideous 144dpi, and T-Clock looks fine to me whether Windows XP scaling is checked or unchecked (was prompted to log off each time). Is there something I should look for?


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