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I hope not - That'll make the bull real mad ... Then What'll I Do...
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Try for the udder one?

Luckily (for both of us) the code is strikingly similar - So I got all of the above it one shot. How ever while Julian Date was crystal clear regarding the "Thow Shalt Not Uses Any Other But UTC" part, the Ordinal Date (after an hour on Google) wouldn't break one way or the other. ... So I did both:
 1. OD = Ordinal Date (YYYY-DDD) Using UTC Time (shown in screen shot below).
 2. Od = Ordinal Date (YYYY-DDD) Using Local Time.
 3. DOY = Day-Of-Year in Decimal (001 - 366) format.

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WooHoo! You da MAN. The Manerator. The Manerino.

Installed it, played with it, it works! Simple, Clean, Nice.

In other words THANK YOU.

(Now I'm going to have to figure out this donation thingy...)

Awesome. Thanks for this, Stoic Joker.

Would love to see a portable edition too.

Stoic Joker:
Glad to see the new features being well received ... as there's always a fine line between being feature rich and junked up (that I don't want to cross).

I had to take a short break due to getting completely fried bouncing between TC and the office projects. That and the configurable hotkey functionality is proving to be as difficult as I thought it would be (to do properly). Also my wife had surgery yesterday (which went well).

There are a couple of things I'm planning, but here are some of the highlights:
 1. I have concocted a rough plan on how to attack the hotkey project which I'll be exploring this afternoon.
 2. There are plans for an .ini based portable version, but they haven't completely gelled yet.
 3. I'm still getting hammered on the Time Sync front - which has me torn on what to do - All research attempts have led back to a (UAC prompt filled) dead end. So f0dder if Ya happen to wander by... I'm open for ideas.

Dunno if there's much you can do about the time sync issue - unless you're willing to run a background service with admin privileges that t-clock can communicate with :)


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