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might be nice to have a quick summary of what's new?

T-Clock 2010 alpha download link is (and will be) at the bottom of the first post of this thread.
Go ahead be brutal honest... ;)
-Stoic Joker (March 13, 2010, 02:28 PM)
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Looks good so far.  No errors.

Stoic Joker:
Mouser - Sorry man, wasn't ignoring you, I've just been busy trying to keep the project rolling while I'm still in this window of opportunity (time wise). Most of what had been update/fixed was under the hood stuff. Biggest item being the Properties Dialog's habit of crashing the clock (and shell) any time the mouse options tab had been viewed. I should probably do a proper posting with one of the NANY release templates at some point to avoid confusion.

So... I decided to tackle the Timers part of T-Clock, as it has always kinda bugged me (OK, it was total shit to be honest... :)) While not completely finished, it is working well enough to share. The Stopwatch part (what pathetic attempt at one there was) has been temporally removed until I can do it properly (which is next). Latest updated build of T-Clock available bottom of first post in thread.



Multiple timers can be stopped and started from the UI (stopping a timer previously required restarting the clock), Timers can now be set for Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds, instead of just minutes. Running timers menu now gives the names of the running timers and are click-able to open a current time remaining message. MessageBox will be replaced by a running "live" countdown eventually - but I ain't there yet. ;)

Feedback Appreciated... :)

I tested a bit w/ the content of:

  T-Clock 2010 (alpha -2- Release to DC).zip

10-second timer worked -- at least, when I specified a .wav file, I heard something at what seemed like around 10 seconds  :Thmbsup:

60-second and 100-second timers seem to give me times rather longer than 60 or 100 seconds (at least when I choose the timer from the context menu, the dialog box that comes up says something like 18:wx:yz).  Being able to specify values greater than or equal to 60 for seconds is a good feature IMHO because sometimes we are quoted values from external sources, and not having to manually convert those values to set timers would be much appreciated :)

Tab order among fields for the Timer dialog seemed odd to me.  Here's the order I observed for when there are no timers yet:

--- ---Time Name text field
Minutes numeric field
File text field
... button
Test button
Repeat checkbox
Blink checkbox
Start button
Cancel button
Seconds numeric field
Hours numeric field
Days numeric field

Stoic Joker:
Tab Order  :wallbash: You got me! :) I knew I was forgetting something (Using forest for the trees defense).

the dialog box that comes up says something like 18:wx:yz
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format of that is hh:mm:ss so it looks like it's counting down from 18 hours.

60 - 100 seconds timer? ...I ganged all the spinner controls together so that clicking up on 59 seconds would automatically set minutes to one. So as each spinner reaches it max (or min) value, it will start updating its neighbor control.

The intent behind the design was that 60 seconds be 1 minute, and 100 seconds be 1 minute 40 seconds.

I spent a lot of time trying to work out how to do this, and didn't think enough about should I do this perhaps? I can pull that (update yer neighbor) part if it's to confusing/annoying - or try tweaking it for clarity if it's saveable.

Thanks for the input! :)


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