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Well, yes, it is logical that it was displayed as well as the day (if this option is), followed and separated by a comma. In the option that there are shown all the weeks and their numbers, and so it would only be current, when you hover on a specific line. But it does not dazzle and informative!

Good afternoon, I found a well-translated program in Russian. But there the delay happens almost every time you switch to the "Text Clock" tab. Do not tell me why? And how can this be remedied?

T-Clock Redux 2.4.4 Build 492 (x86/x64) Russian Portable RePack

[...] well-translated [...]
-killen (February 25, 2018, 02:03 AM)
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Well.. maybe if you're talking about the translated text... everything else seems to be a bit buggy (at best)
I couldn't find the source code for it, so I can't really tell what's wrong (also not T-Clock's problem) but you should probably take a look at those color controls...

Just logged in to say thanks very much for T-Clock.  :up:

Many thanks for the watch, which finally looks exactly as I need.

I logged in to report on minor issue that you might want to correct in the future. The attached picture shows that the font in the bottom window (Advanced Clock Format) is half as large as it should be. I guess the reason is that I set a large interface fonts in my Windows 7 (150%).

T-Clock 2010 (download)


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