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possible? yes.
Will I do it? maybe, have to take a look if it's easily doable with the calendar control or not..

Might add further addition like "copy date in ISO xxxx format" etc.. so that IF anyone is using it, they at least also get multiple formats to choose from. (sometimes you'll need the date in the USA format, sometimes in the European format or sometimes even in a completely neutral form)

Oh and btw.. I totally forgot to announce version v2.4.3#472 that I've released yesterday... sorry, it wasn't my intention to forget you ;)

Long no see, here's v2.4.4

Long no see, here's v2.4.4
-WhiteTigX (January 28, 2018, 03:13 PM)
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Thanks!   :up:

Hi WhiteTigX, please if possible add translations support for T-Clock Redux, can be nice view this program in other languague in addition to English.

The program is remarkable, it is different in addition to Classic Shell (not advertising). But in version v2.4.4 # 492-rc, the week numbers in the Miscellaneous tab do not work.
Also, there really is not enough multilanguage, especially Russian.


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