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Hope you have uninstalled Norton first and maybe even used a cleanup utility.. (and of course restarted at least once)
You should configure your Comodo though, instead of using a "workaround"... You'll loose some T-Clock functionality with Win7 compatibility mode besides not really fixing your problem that Comodo blocked T-Clock^^

edit: fixed spelling.. I've wrote "clienup" instead of "cleanup" xD Don't ask me how that happened...

Yes, I did uninstall Norton...tried to use Revo uninstaller to get a good clean removal, but the Norton uninstall, which REVO runs first before doing its stuff, runs you into a restart--which closes Revo so it does not get to do its registry clean and file removal steps (pretty sneaky so they can leave their stuff behind I think).

I did configure Comodo using Chiron's settings (in Windows Secrets for one place).

T-clock seems OK this way--at least it does what I want, which is really only two things:
--let me set big, black font for date and time
--show me a calendar on click

I'm good for now.

I actually meant a real cleanup utility such as:
You shouldn't uninstall stuff like an AV using 3rd party tools that aren't made for this task anyway... AV's and some other software interact deeply with the system. That's why they can damage or corrupt it if something goes wrong. Such a 3rd party uninstaller can cause such issues. And a lot AV vendors have cleanup utilities or a community created one (in case of Comodo)

Uninstallers like Revo are fake in some ways anyway... they can only know what a software installed / created if they watched the install process... (which btw. interacts deeply with the system and can yet again cause trouble) And I'm not sure if you installed an AV with Revo^^ Wouldn't be the best idea anyway.

I understand what you are saying; I have never had any problem with REVO damaging anything when set to 'moderate' level of detection.  It may leave stuff unremoved of course, and certainly did this time since Norton subverted the process by injecting the re-start, which ended Revo's operations.

I did just now download and run the Norton remover. It ran, but gives no report of details on what it did (it does say 'doing xyz' while running, but not results) --maybe removed nothing since I had already done the standard removal, and that could have confused it--but it did not report being confused.

We have no way of knowing what programs have their own removers except by doing a web search every time we get ready to uninstall something. Lots of added work.  One has to wonder why Norton did not make that remover tool be its uninstaller that runs when commanded through Programs and Features.  It could pop up a selection list to pick which thing to uninstall, or they could break it into pieces for each separate product.  The truth is, they WANT to leave stuff behind to do things like beg you to reinstall, or collect data (maybe) or whatever.  They don't want a clean, total uninstall to be done.

I just ran across this, very cool to see this thing still alive after all these years. Thanks Stoic Joker for continuing on with what myself left behind & Kazubon started.  ;)


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