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I totally missed that... I only noticed that Time Format tab has not checkbox for that option... :-[
-mixza-81 (November 25, 2014, 02:20 PM)
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Not your fault ;) Next releases will have a note on that^^

In the Time Format, the time difference isn't working for me. It just outputs the "td-16:00" as a regular text string.

because such a format doesn't exist.
As of now, you can only use "w+05" to output current hour +5

Hello, T-Clock is a very good program, lots of options, works on win7x64, but lacks information, such as CPU usage,RAM format %. This is AlfaClockFree_1.90 but does not work on win7x64 :(. Maybe You will have time to look and to add these useful functions. Thanks in advance.

Surprise for me...
I recently had to reload Windows 8.1, and the T-clock left click gives me the calendar, which is what I want. 

However, it used to be a vertical stack of three months, but now is a horizontal row of 3 months--and looks far more "Windows-ish" than it used to. 

I much prefer the former way, but cannot find any settings in Properties to switch back to the vertical stack.

Is there a way?  Running 2.3.2 build 151


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