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Welcome to the site Jokezer.  :up:

While I'm quite sure that Stoic Joker would appreciate any donation (just click the gold coin under his name to send him some of your donation),
his T-Clock build does not take a license key.  So something else is going wrong that is making the program not run for you.

I'm a very satisfied user of the program but i'm afraid I don't have any insight into fixing your problem -- hopefully someone else will, so stay tuned.

Stoic Joker:
Indeed mouser is correct in that T-Clock never has, nor ever will require a key of any kind. So it should just run, assuming the right executeable is selected, and the default windows clock (which it hooks into) is visible.

Assuming you have a 64-bit copy of Windows installed, the 64-bit copy of T-Clock (Clock.exe in the x64 folder) should run ... Although the difference made when T-Clock first starts (with its defaults) may be a bit subtle. If you right click on the clock after running Clock.exe the T-Clock properties should be availables, and from there you can customize it as you like.

There is no install per se, just extract it to where you want it to run from, and then run it. I may do an installer in the future...but that will depend on whether or not Windows 8 kills it.

Feature request: chime on the hour and/or at intervals.

I am willing to develop this myself if you ever release the source.

Thanks again. I'm a big fan of this application.

Stoic Joker:
That's been a feature of T-Clock since the begining; bottom of alarms tab (hourly chime). Options there are Play Sound (any), Chime Hour, and Blink (which isn't really visible with Win7 and the default color scheme).

I'm hoping to get back on the project after the first of the year, but may just release the code if it doesn't pan out.

Oops, I missed that one.

Thanks for the quick reply.


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