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T-Clock 2010 (download)

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Hey, thanks for dropping by so quickly. Pure C eh?  :)

So far so good. I'm pretty sure everything is going to be okay now -- earlier I mistakenly ran an old version (from some other coder) in a folder close by...

But I'll keep you posted for sure.

Thinkgs are working just great !  :Thmbsup:
[Edit... Sounded like a German here...]

Stoic Joker:
Thinkgs are working just great !  :Thmbsup:
[Edit... Sounded like a German here...]-Armando (November 07, 2011, 06:08 PM)
--- End quote ---

Close. Tingz iz Verkin Goot ... Would sound more like my grandfather. Every story the man told started out with "When we came over on the boat"... :)

Hehe... Nice. My grandparents were from France, Ireland and Quebec/Canada (what a mix)... All speaking in their native tongue though -- a good variety of accents, but... no great "foreign accent". :)

Recently I formatted my hard drive. I had to re install T-Clock. When I
downloaded the zip file and extracted it, I selected 64. However the
program never installed. I went back to your page and saw your
recommendation about using this URL: to download
T-Clock. I went to the site, made a donation and got the license key.
However, to use the key I must run T-Clock. And here is the Catch-22, the
zip file will not install the program, so there is no way to enter the key.

Please teach a fan of T-Clock what he is doing wrong



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