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thanks for great work,also so if you can add Hijri calendar ("Arabic calendar")

also Instead of start up shortcut,add auto start with registry
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"T-Clock2010"="\"C:\\Program Files\\T-Clock2010\\Win32\\Clock.exe\""

[EDIT : see next post !]

Hi Stoic,

I tried your T-Clock 2010 and it's quite nice !

However, I'm having a problem with GDI objects : as soon as I starts T-Clock, explorer.exe GDI starts to leak. Closing T-Clock solves half of the problem : leak stops but... I still need to close explorer.exe and restart it.

Would you have an idea of what could cause that ? Obviously, nobody else seem to have had this problem before! I thought it could be related to some component T-Clock uses as I've read stories about certain broken .Net versions causing leaks of that kind... But T-Clock seems to be C++, right?

BTW, I'm on Windows XP SP3.

[EDIT : see next post !]

Ok...  :-[ I think I was using an earlier version. Let me try the newest build !

Stoic Joker:
But T-Clock seems to be C++, right?-Armando (November 03, 2011, 09:37 PM)
--- End quote ---

Actually T-Clock is still written in (old school) pure C.

Sounds like you got it going, but let me know if it springs any more leaks. :)


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