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Stoic Joker:
Is there a format to use instead of  hh  which will give me military time when I set the format for the mouse click but I have my basic Time format set to am/pm?-MKappy (September 02, 2011, 02:21 PM)
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Currently no. But it is something that I've been considering looking into.

Is there a page somewhere that lists all the format codes?-MKappy (September 02, 2011, 02:21 PM)
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Yes, that would be the T-Clock Help.rtf file included with the download.

Hello, (sorry for my bad english)

THANK YOU very much for this very useful program !!  :Thmbsup:

1. Could you make the alarm blinking in RED please ??
Because my windows 7 theme is in black color, so i put white for clock text color. But when the alarm blinks, i can't notice it because it blinks in white too  :(  Can we have the possibility to choose a different color for the text blinking ?
2. Could you also make the background of T-Clock blink (for instance, the text blinks in RED and/or the background of T-clock blinks in BLUE)   
3. Could you also accelerate the speed of the blinking ? Currently the alarm blinks every 1 sec. I would like to make it blink faster to capture more the attention : blinking every 0.5 or 0.25 sec.
4. Does T-Clock automatically synchronize with (because i don't see synchronization option in T-Clock) ?

Hoping that those new features will make T-Clock even more unique and popular !! :Thmbsup:
Thanks a lot :)

hello thanks for great program,i have Suggestions,can you add solar date (farsi)?please add this
more about
Solar date

also this link have great info and other link

also see this easy learn

also for current time format for local:farsi must like this
ddd، dd mmm yyyy\nhh:nn:ss tt

so if you can add option when detect farsi local  autoselect this format

Stoic Joker:
The locale specific default format string sounds like it may be to hairy a can of worms to open. But the Solar Date thing sounds really interesting.

I'm hoping to be able to reopen the project sometime around the end of the year, so I'll look into the Solar Date then.


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