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Alias file creation worked fine now on my home PC with Windows 7 (with your updated version).

It's not in the combo box though once I copied it into 'C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\AliasGroups\MyCustom' and I can't find where the myaliases.alias file is either (to copy the file there). Maybe a Windows 7 issue. I'm too tired to look for the problem now. I'll check it out tomorrow on my Windows XP PC (in the office) and I'm sure I'll find out where to place it on Windows 7 later.

On Windows Vista/7, the AliasGroups/MyCustom subdir is under the user's MyDocuments path, because its a directory the user needs write-access to.

Aha.  Thanks phitsc for further testing and mouser for the explanation :)

Perhaps I should update the instructions...

I have updated the instructions (and uploaded an updated version) -- if anyone finds they are in error, please let me know.

Still get the same error when the CHM2Alias.exe is in a path with spaces. Without spaces it works perfectly.

And it is very cool! :Thmbsup:

A more automatic way of creating, installing, configuring and especially updating such an alias file would obviously be desirable ;).

Thanks for your continued testing and feedback  :Thmbsup:

I have not had luck reproducing the issue with (what I think is) the latest version available for download:

  File Size: 256,216 Bytes
  SHA1: 9a32d5d3670ac0356efd9dd483d3f1fbead0c488

Would you mind confirming that those values are what you see for the .zip file you tested with?  Those are the characteristics of the .zip file from which I just tried with -- that's what I asked FF to download (but sometimes I get cached versions) -- and it's possible I'm not testing with the right version.  (I also tried downloading with IE and got the same results, FWIW.)

To explain what I think the issue is (or at least one of the problems is) -- hh.exe doesn't seem to work well with paths surrounded with double-quotes, so what I did was to pass 8.3 names (thanks to a suggestion from mouser) to hh.exe.  The README.txt now has some instructions in it describing this along with steps for reproduction in case you'd like to see for yourself.

The invocation of hh.exe is done via the chm2hhc.js file -- nearly all of the code is provided via JavaScript in source form, btw, if you happen to be inclined to take a look (and tweak even).

I agree that a more automatic way of creating, installing, configuring, and updating would be desirable.  If you have any ideas about any of those things, I would welcome discussion :)


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