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DONE: Create Shortcut on the Destop (hopefully not as stupid as it sounds)

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It would be very helpful to have an autohotkey script which sends a shortcut to the desktop. 

In other words, if a file is highlighted in Windows Explorer and I run the script (i.e. run the script in FARR) , it will create a shorcut on the destop.  I realize that I can right click on the file and use SendTo in the context menu but this process is very, very slow on my machine.  :-[


Would that really be faster than right-click dragging a file onto the desktop which offers creating a shortcut as an option?

Alternatively if you browse the the Send to folder (copy and paste "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" in an explorer window address bar) you can make copies of the "Desktop (create shortcut)" shortcut anywhere you like and dropping files from explorer onto that shortcut makes desktop shortcuts.

Also I'd really recommend looking into why your send to menu is so slow.

Have a look in these threads:

Eóin: When I right click on a file, it takes approximately 5 seconds for the context menu to open.  Any idea why this would happen.  I have a 2-yr old Dell lap top with decent processor and 2 gig RAM running with Windows XP .

PhilB66:  Thanks for the suggestions but they do not do what I am looking for.  All of them involve using context menu or multiple steps which is what am trying to avoid.

Here you go.  Works with files, folders, single and multiple selections.  Change the shortcut to whatever you'd like (ctrl-d is default).

--- Code: Autohotkey ---^d::{    ; Save current clipboard contents for restoration later.    Clipboard_Saved := ClipboardAll        ; Clear clipboard    Clipboard := ""        ; Get Explorer selection to the clipboard.    SendInput, ^c        ; Wait up to three seconds for the clipboard to contain data.    ClipWait, 3        ; Error-checking for the ClipWait.    If ( ErrorLevel != 0 )    {        MsgBox, The Clipboard timed out.        Return    }     ; Create shortcuts.    Loop, Parse, Clipboard, `n, `r    {        If ( A_LoopField != "" )        {            SplitPath, A_LoopField, , OutDir, , OutNameNoExt            FileCreateShortcut, % A_LoopField, % A_Desktop . "\" . OutNameNoExt . ".lnk", % OutDir            Sleep, 1        }    }        ; Restore clipboard.    Clipboard := Clipboard_Saved        ; Free memory.    Clipboard_Saved := ""}Return


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