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Only matching .exe files within a folder (or its subfolders)

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I've been trying to setup FRR so that it finds all the .exe files within c:\Program Files. I can add C:\Program Files and bump up the score of .exe files. I could also put a pattern such as C:\Program Files\*.exe. Is that the fastest way? By fastest I mean the one that will make it easier for FRR to find the .exe files in C:\Program Files?

Is there a big impact (performance wise) of using the pattern searches?

Also, is there some way to let FRR find the "Control Panel" categories (such as "add and remove programs", "Display", etc.)?



finding control panel applets is on the todo list for version 2; not implemented yet.
i'm  not sure which would be faster - i have mine the first way you describe, just let it search through program files and give a good bonus to all exes.


It's not as elegant, but in the meantime you can create a "Control Panel shortcuts" folder somewhere on your FARR path (maybe on desktop). Then (at least in Win2K) you open the Ctrl panel, select all, and right drag them all to the folder to create a folder of shortcuts to all the applets.

Is there (or will there be) an easy way to match only certain file types, like .exe?  Personally I'd like FARR to find only .lnk and .exe in the start menu / program files.  I have its dir searching limited correctly, then I add a -9999 to *   (to try and also catch files without extensions)  I also add in a +10000 or more to .exe and .lnk.  This works fairly well most of the time, but not completely.  It also somewhat breaks things like -9999 to *uninstall*, though sometimes it seems to work by playing with the values.

Personally I don't like simply giving .exe's a score boost because it results in a lot of unneeded and unnecessary returns, which can sometimes get confusing.  Will there ever be regular expression support perhaps?  Then one could say -9999 to all extensions NOT .exe or .lnk.  Adding -9999 to the dozens or hundreds of other extension types is a bit of a losing game.

I love FARR though, it's a truly robust little app and the best of it's kind.
For now I simply limit it to searching the start menu, desktop, and other lnk folders.


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