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Task killing program by clicking its window


Hi, I was wondering, if there is program like Glass2K (you can click a window and a menu opens) - which allows you to set-up for example "hold down ctrl and right click a window to open a menu where you can taskkill the process the window is running on"

Lol, I suck at explaining thing but you get the idea.

you can try the program mentioned in this thread - Process Manager for Windows.

Very nice, thanks!!

Here's a quick AHK script to ctrl-right-click a window and have the option to kill it.

--- Code: AutoIt ---^RButton::{    MouseGetPos, , , myWindowID,     WinGetTitle, myTitle, % "ahk_id " . myWindowID    MsgBox, 4, Kill me now..., % "Are you sure you want to kill '" . myTitle . "'?"    IfMsgBox, Yes    {        WinKill, % "ahk_id " . myWindowID    }}Return

Thanks, tryin' that too  :Thmbsup:


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