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People are really (really, really) stupid

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From Betanews: "Last week, hundreds of Facebook users who type "Facebook" into their Google search bar rather than use the URL in the address bar were routed to a ReadWriteWeb article instead of Facebook when Google temporarily shuffled the search rankings. What followed is one of the most tragically hilarious comment threads of all time."

WOW. Just.... wow. OK, so the method of typing in a site's name or even URL into Google to find it, I get that it's common, and maybe it's not totally retarded. And I guess muscle memory or simple habit trains people to click that first link that comes up in their search engine when they do this, and they just trust it'll be the right thing when they do. That's all well and good, it's not a sign of the stupidity apocalypse.

What shocks me about this is 1: 100's or even 1000's of people didn't even think to go back and check the search engine's results that they clicked on, they just assumed the site they went to was Facebook and it had undergone a complete and total redesign despite 2: the URL in the address bar not being anywhere close to right. Worse still, when they did weigh in with their question, opinion, comment it 3: was universally retarded, e.g. "wtf is this bullshttttttttttt all about. can i get n plzzzzzzzzz".

No wonder so many people get taken in by Facebook scams and other online hazards. I am sad for the future of mankind.  :(

- Oshyan

I am sad for the future of mankind.  :(-JavaJones (February 19, 2010, 04:53 PM)
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If you want to be sad, see the future of online chatting:

Click away people you don't want and get a a new chat partner in an instant. And you better be interesting yourself, else you'll be clicked away before you can say a word.  :huh:

I must agree that "people are generally stupid".
That's why SPAM and so many obviously ridiculous SCAMS continue to be effective.

Sadly, besides being 'dumb' many people are 'greedy'.  So they WANT TO BELIEVE that a Nigerian Prince sought them out.
I have won the lottery in the UK so many times {although I NEVER play any lottery} but just could not bring myself to respond to the "Official" email address like [email protected]

Stoic Joker:
According to Mercury News, about 70% of AOL users also use Facebook-The Article
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That pretty much explains the stupidity phenomenon to me... (Because) ...Nothing screams retard louder than an address.

After repeated warnings, a woman in SA 'chose' to respond to the Absa Bank Phishing scam email! She was on TV bemoaning her account being wiped out -  :huh: when will they learn!


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